Jan 10, 2004
new year's resolution

okay, i have one new year's resolution:

1. to have no new year's resolution- i dont have one. i dont belive in that stuff. i mean everyone makes the same one every year! they are obviously not going to change. so i have no resolution.

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alright, i guess its time for a new entry. ok what is the deal with everyone hating on the president?
i think george bush is awesome. I mean he doesnt take anything from any one! when 9/11 happened what did he do ? he sent troops into afghanistan and took out every terrorist camp he could find. iraq is being controlled by a tyrannt and he goes in, takes out saddam's regiem and sets up a new government. if we were like iraq was wouldnt u want someone to save u? i mean come on. so thats the new entry tell me what u think.

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Jan 9, 2004
Bad Movie

I think toruqe will be a horrible movie. Its just another one in the over-played genre of fast cars and motorcycles. It is basically about this dude who goes back to his hometown and gets framed for murder of a biker gang leaders brother. one of the reasons i think itll be bad is the commercial itself. they just have some motorcycles on blue screens for cryin out loud! i mean come on ' i want his head by midnight' thats just gay. well, post something or contact me if you want to share your opinion too. Later

Posted at 08:34 pm by ozzyfan24569
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Hey. My name is Gary. Im in 9th grade at Hillcrest High School. I am in band and i play soccer. I am counting the days until i can get my permit. as of now it is 6 months, 17 days and 3 hours. lol. i like heavy metal music, playing video games and just being stupid. I dont like preps math or band.


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okay one of my intrests is music. its cool. i like :
1. Heavy metal including ozzy, metallica, disturbed, and godsmack
2. outkast
3. fuel
4. good charlotte and simple plan
5. disturbed

i dont like
1. gay boy bands
2. most pop music
3. rap you cant understand
4. country music
5. band class

u can like post or im me at ozzyrules24569 if u wanna say somethin. or you can email me at ozzyfan24569@yahoo.com

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